Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"This is MacDonald Carey..."

Old cassette tapes from a long time ago...what do you expect? I guess I need to explain this...or maybe I shouldn't...

Back around 1978 or 1979 we had just moved to a new house. New house, new school, new friends...or should I say "no" friends. The summer was spent mostly hanging around the house and watching TV.  Already in my formative years of musical talent, I appreciated the orchestral arrangement of the theme from the afternoon soap opera "Days of Our Lives". And with my love of all things media, I guess I wanted to be a TV announcer like MacDonald Carey?

Anyway, I found a cassette tape from that time that goes on for 20 minutes of me taping this and other soap themes over the span of about a week. I recall trying to get the long theme at the end of "Days" without the announcer talking over it.

Well I finally succeeded on Friday when they roll the extended credits, but this one is a shorter version with the voiceover for some nostalgia.

Looking back at it, maybe I was trying to go back to those days a few years before when I stayed with my grandparents who watched their "stories" every day, and the moving to the new house with new everything at such a young age left me missing the stable past? Who knows? That's a story for another time...for now, enjoy the sound clip...


Penn State - Late 1980's Pennsylvania Pizza radio commercial

Penn State students from the late 1980's might recognize this vintage radio jingle... I wonder if they are still in business?


Wet Dream...vintage 80's audio

Apparently I captured this from Wink 104. Always was a clever track.